Cord Organizers

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Product Description

Let's take your cords laying around or hanging in the closet and bundle them up and put away. No more needing to pull them apart or untangle. There are two different sizes with many different colors and materials. The smaller sizes are for the regular electrical cords, sewing machine cords, ironing cords, curling iron cords and the bigger ones are for those HDMI cable or larger corded items. They work so much better when you can pull out the bundle of cords all wrapped up. Decide on what colors you might want and if you want any names of the items on the organizers themselves ( although the space is limited) These are a samples of some of the colors, Most are made with sparkle canvas or marine vinyl. You can just wipe off with a damp cloth to clean. The smaller ones have a felt inside and some have the double vinyl. Both work the same. Please ask any questions!. These will ship flat in a manila envelope and you will close with the snaps. If you want certain colors, just ask!

Cord Organizers Cord Organizers

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